HapPhi Data Management

The central nervous system of HapPhi is a a real-time data management platform with the most powerful search tool the world has ever seen.

The amount of information we accumulate and share increases every day. Managing  files and finding things quickly has never been as crucial to quality of life.

What is SuperSearch?

SuperSearch allows a detailed level of filters combined with artificial intelligence to save countless hours finding what you want.

Organization is automatic. Searching and finding has never been easier.

 HapPhi Data Management

How to use SuperSearch

The more data you have, the better.


Get All your files are auto organized

File type, date, links, picture images, to and from whom and within channels are all automatic. Find what you want, when you want in seconds.


Sort through filters

Are you looking for a picture of your dog on a mountain in North Carolina from 2017 sent from your mom to you and your brother? Easy.


Channel management

Every chat and channel has its own SuperSearch. No more being stuck looking through every chat to find what you want.

Why is data management so important?

Wasted time is wasted money.  Even your organized employees waste time organizing.

Life as you know it is about to change.


Open rates

Of office professionals spend more time searching for files than on work (study:Wakefield Research Elastic)


Prefer texting

Of employees surveyed rank "digging for files they need" as their number 1 problem.


Billion phones

Of office professionals surveyed rank bad search for files and documents as a top 3 problem.

Every industry needs this

No matter what industry you are in, data search is a homerun.

Software Companies

No matter how good your product is, offering SuperSearch and AI will keep your clients happy and add revenue streams.

Learn more and get started today

AV Installers

Technology Companies

Integration Partners

Advertising Agencies

Marketing Companies

How HapPhi Compare Search works

HapPhi has created the most powerful search tool ever for businesses and individuals.

Offer your clients the ultimate search tool, including the ground breaking comparison search tool.

  • Get your free HapPhi account

  • Upload your data
  • HapPhi auto organizes your life
  • Compare data sets to see common data
  • Use, share or even message from your data
  • Use, filter and/or share results in real-time

SuperSearch Filters



Search can be within groups and channels so you can hone in on your search like an eagle!



If you know who sent something to you or who you sent something to, filter by names and save a ton of time!


File type.

Do you know the file type you are looking for? If you're looking for a PDF sent to your co-worker, SuperSearch finds that in real-time.


Date range.

Sometimes you know a video was sent but not quite sure when. It was sometime between October and March of last year? Search for range.



Filter by links and links alone to find what you need. Looking for an economic article you sent a friend?  Look for links sent to that friend.



Search by a file you put a reaction to to drill down.  Did you put a laugh emoji on a joke? Search my JPEG and laugh emoji!


Picture Artificial Intelligence.

Images and videos are automatically broken out by what's in the file. Looking for your son and mom? Easy!


Compare Search.

Compare data.  Want to see what songs you and a friend have in common or what contacts are common to two group lists? Use compare search.

Real-time chat channels with automatic file management

The essence of SuperSearch are tied to the real-time chat. Setting up unlimited groups and channels allows the artificial intelligence and SuperSearch to create and organize files from each channel for quick and efficient search and rescue!

You can search all channels, a few channels or a single channel and then drill down so you don't waste time looking ever again.

Chat and search are all real-time. We programmed HapPhi for the impatient and the efficient.

SuperSearch Benefits

Smooth, fast, efficient and powerful. SuperSearch is a game-changer

Save time

54% of time spent searching can be reduced 90% or more.

Save money

You're paying people to search.  Stop. Pay them to produce.

Make money

When employees start producing, you make more dough.

Artificial intelligence for pictures and videos

Automatically catalogue pictures and videos by name and meta data.

Not all artificial intelligence is a threat to society. HapPhi AI simply organizes your data so you can find it, and stops there. You don't have to worry about the Terminator.  Let our AI be your personal assistant.


Open rates

By 2021, 3.8 billion people owned smartphones.


Prefer texting

75% of people want to receive offers via texts.


Billion phones

60% of customers read texts within 5 minutes of receiving them.

Get a shareable link

DropBox is used by everyone, and it's garbage technology.
Share that link!

Share in a group

Make it visible to everyone. Need your sales staff to have marketing collateral access?  Easy.

Add document to a new folder

Create a new folder file just like on your laptop desktop, but with better search.

Star for follow up

HapPhi has a built in task manager.

No more missed opportunities

How many days, hours or opportunities have been lost because of SPAM filters for email or text?

Spam filters arbitrarily send files, emails and texts into the abyss. Never have a lost file or message again.

Group messaging benefits

The benefits of group text messaging for any business are numerous. It allows you to closely monitor your communication with your audience and also provide them with a smooth experience and personalized text messages.

Effective Communication

With a 98% open rate, it is assured that 9 out of 10 clients will read your message.

Effective Communication

With a 98% open rate, it is assured that 9 out of 10 clients will read your message.

Effective Communication

With a 98% open rate, it is assured that 9 out of 10 clients will read your message.

Start organizing your life and closing more business with HapPhi

Check it out and start falling in love.

A keyword is what the crux of your message would be and a short code is what the client would use to reach out to you. For example, in “Message ‘TRAVEL’ to 353535 to view your offer code”, ‘TRAVEL’ is your keyword and ‘353535’ your short code. When reaching different groups, you have the additional benefit of using different keywords for different audiences keeping in mind what is most relevant to them.


Open rates

By 2021, 3.8 billion people owned smartphones.


Prefer texting

75% of people want to receive offers via texts.


Billion phones

60% of customers read texts within 5 minutes of receiving them.

Frequently asked questions

What is HapPhi's data policy?

HapPhi spins up an instance for each customer so YOUR DATA IS YOUR DATA. If you leave, we wipe the data clean within 60 days. HapPhi is like the mafia...you'll never leave!

For details on our policies and procedures, check out our privacy page.

Does HapPhi Artificial Intelligence track me?

No way. We don't even like Siri! This is built to simply label pictures and videos.

For details on the pricing for image AI, check out our Pricing page.

Does HapPhi white-label?

Yes. Add your logo and colors and the world is your oyster/app.

For details on white-labeling, check out our white-label page.

Do I need a credit card to see HapPhi?

No. Check it out for free for up to 30 days. Never propose to a blind date. Fall in love before getting married.

For information on pricing, check out our Pricing page.

Are there contracts?

Absolutely not. We rely on our product and service to keep you with us, not contracts.

For details on terms and conditions, check out our terms and conditions page.

Can I upgrade storage?

Yes you will be prompted when out of storage. This is not only how we make money, this is how YOU can make money.

For pricing information, check out our Pricing page.

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