Imagine a World Where the Environment Adjusts to You

HapPhi is a patented blockchain smart contract project where the environment can adjust to the likes and dislikes of users. HapPhi operates as a communication, Web3.0 and DeFi platform all while enabling  community members to push content to participating localized screens worldwide. HapPhi is a community based project where earnings through the platform will be distributed to the community members.

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Venue Adjusted Data

Share your likes and dislikes with HapPhi hotspots for rewards. The environmental algorithm compiles information to adjust the world to you.

Login to Hot Spot

Agree to Share Data

Environment Adapts

Digital Wallet

The HapPhi App is your Wallet and to manage permissions for what is shared. Earn rewards for sharing data and stay in complete control of what gets shared and when.

Data Rewards

Social Network Rewards

Engagement Rewards

Smart Contracts

Your profile will setup smart contracts throughout HapPhi to automatically distribute rewards to your wallet for various choices.

App Acceptance

Managed Automatically

Full transparency

Invite Friends and Mine HapPhi

HapPhi is a community token, so you can invite friends and "mine" HapPhi simply by engaging with the app and building a network

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Add Venues

Engage and Mine