Business White Label Solutions That Monetize Quickly

HapPhi is a brand-able creative playground of artificial intelligence driven microservices to supercharge businesses and software products.

Locate, consolidate, integrate, upgrade and monetize with powerful and easy to use "nerd porn" tech.

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Replace or enhance numerous products

Smart. Efficient. Automated. HapPhi keeps businesses instantly connected and enhances efficiency with artificial intelligence and Superb Search. Launch a wide variety of branded product lines in minutes.

HapPhi pulls elements from some of the best companies so selling becomes a breeze. We empower entrepreneurs, software and advertising organizations to build businesses or add value to existing products. HapPhi can turbo charge efforts to build profitable business models in any industry.

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Do more of what you do best

HapPhi will take care of your organization and efficiency needs to help your business grow.


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No credit card is needed. Get access to all 50+ advanced features that make HapPhi so powerful.


Swap your logo

Import your Stripe API key and your dedicated representative will get you set up so you can go out and sell HapPhi as your own brand.


Start making money

Take your new unique offerings into the market. Your company will immediately be something new and unique.

Launch New Products

Build out new branded product lines in minutes

Instantly add a new suite of products and tools and improve your product offering to your customers. With real-time messaging, video, Superb Search and much more, HapPhi can help build stronger and more profitable businesses. Breathe passion and inspiration back into your product offerings and fall in love with software like it was the first time again!

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HapPhi Superb Search

Cut down your time searching by 90%

HapPhi Superb Search is the world's first and only Artificial Intelligence personal data mining search engine. Typical searches are limited and simply display search terms without the ability to filter by recipient, date, file type or other pertinent details that are crucial to finding things quickly. Super Search uses Artificial Intelligence to organize files with robust filters. As a result, users can find exactly what they are looking for with power and ease. Try it risk-free.

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Rembrant Artificial Intelligence

AI brought into document management

Superb search combines with document management to create a streamlined user experience which transcends anything that exists on the market. Find what you want from the vast depths of data accumulated over years instantly, and then utilize, share, edit or organize the information in any way you choose, using AI.

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HapPhi Integrations


Marry any product into HapPhi as a branded module with infinitely better search and data management or integrate HapPhi into any product you wish. Mating two or more complimentary software .products together to create a brand new loving user experience will mesmerize and exhilarate your users while bringing new revenue sources to the table.

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Advanced features

HapPhi is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) white label enterprise wide data mining software and managed chat application for the blockchain


Read rates

Reach 98% of your contacts within three minutes of sending your real-time message.


Prefer chat support

Email is outdated and texting has started to drop off. More people prefer real-time chat support.


Billion phones

There are more phones than toothbrushes worldwide. HapPhi works on every smart phone.

High power HapPhi chat

HapPhi Chat allows marketing and advertising companies as well as entrepreneurs to create unlimited individual or group chats in an encrypted, real-time experience.  HapPhi Chat also boasts the ability to broadcast videos or create polls in a group chat. In addition, HapPhi Chat has stickers, emojis, and GIFs.  HapPhi chat is a ubiquitous communications platform. It is designed to facilitate seamless real-time, encrypted chat between individuals or groups anywhere on the globe.  

Mass real-time chat

HapPhi Chat can be either an individual or mass communication tool.  This makes HapPhi Chat the first socket chat to allow for “BCC” functionality.  Use this powerful functionality to communicate efficiently and effectively.  Once you join a group, you can send messages to all group members at the same time, even if they aren’t online at the same time. This allows for mass communication in an extremely intimate and personal way for a variety of purposes, including polling.

Picture and video AI

HapPhi AI automatically indexes images and videos based on content. This allows for detailed searches that were previously impossible. For example, you can search for images containing “New York” or videos that mention “Elvis Presley.”  You can also use custom operators like “photos of” or “Videos about” to make your search more specific. You can also tag your content with keywords, categories, or emojis to make it easier to find.

File management

HapPhi File is an automated organization system that breaks out every file by type, links, date, size, sender, receiver and metadata. With the addition of thumbnails and a number of other organizational tools, files can be found visually with ease. Marketing and advertising companies have access to a unique product to garner new business or upsell existing business.  Your clients will find links or a specific file they sent to a person or group in seconds rather than having to scroll and waste time. HapPhi File also allows for the creation of folders for easy organization, distribution, sharing and archiving of documents.

NFTs for Business

NFT Upload Supercharge is a HapPhi product that allows for the upload and organization of large collections of NFTs without needing to do each action one at a time. Marketing and Advertising entrepreneurs will love offering the horsepower, throughput and efficiency of HapPhi Upload Supercharge on top of the OpenSea network. This allows for lower cost transactions using the Solana blockchain. Launch NFTs in minutes instead of days or weeks with HapPhi Upload Supercharge.

Secret Folders

Add an extra level to security by having a folder no one can see but the person who knows the password to make it appear. You can't hack what you can't find or see. Secret folders is a perfect place for keeping information you don't want readily available.

Incentive mining

HapPhi Mining allows marketing and advertising entrepreneurs a fun andinteractive way to have clients generate tokens by interacting with the app andgrowing their network. Your customers can earn tokens by inviting new users,sharing your profile, uploading photos, and completing surveys. You can alsopurchase tokens with UST or fiat currency. After you purchase i tokens, they’llbe stored in your wallet on the app. You can use these tokens to purchasemarketing services on the platform. i tokens are also used to determine howmuch you earn with each action. The more you interact with the app, the more itokens you earn.

Music share

Looking for another unique product to offer your advertising and marketing clients?  Music Share allows your clients to upload your music list and open sharing to allow the environment to adjust to you so you can hear what you want to hear.  Your music preferences are moved into an algorithm and shared with the location NODE so the DJ and/or music can be adjusted to the likes.  Earn token rewards for sharing your likes and dislikes.

Schedule a message

Schedule your instant chat when it's convenient for you or your clients. Pick who you want it to go to, pick your time and click schedule. HapPhi adjusts to your chosen time-zone to deliver real-time messages of any size or type to a single friend or group of thousands of customers.

Multi user support

Have a team?  They can all use HapPhi. We offer enterprise dashboard and account sharing for your business of any size. Additional users are easy to add and affordable. Empower your entire team to succeed with HapPhi.

Rembrant AI

HapPhi leverages ChatGPT artificial intelligence for neuro language programming and infinite knowledge at your fingertips through Rembrant AI. Artificial General Intelligence adds superpower to the individuals within a company.  Dazzle your clients by rolling out AI that provides tangible value and a user-friendly experience with infinite information.

Integrated chat

HapPhi BOX is another unique feature advertising and marketing companies can offer their clients. It integrates various chats into organized channels within a single app.  Stop checking messages in infinite places and pull all chat channels into one view.  HapPhi syncs all your chats, so you can stay on top of everything. You can also schedule events and broadcast your chats, which makes it easy for everyone in the chat to stay up to date, even if they’re not present.  Never miss an important message again.

White label software

The entire HapPhi product is built to hide the existence of HapPhi, the company.  Your clients will think this is part of your marketing and advertising suite of products.  White Label provides entrepreneurs with one of the most unique and powerful pieces of software ever created.  It is designed to help people grow their businesses and make more money online. It does this by taking a lot of the workout of running a business for people and allowing them to focus on what they do best: building businesses. HapPhi White Label is an ideal fit for people who are looking to grow their businesses but don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to use a complex piece of software.

Mobile app

HapPhi is a progressive web app (PWA) so marketing and advertising companies and entrepreneurs can offer their clients a ubiquitous and high performing app.  PWAs are websites that behave like native apps on your mobile devices, operating via the web browser on your computer or tablet. These websites behave just like native apps, so you can expect many of the same advantages. For example, PWAs can run on low-powered mobile devices or on allow-latency connections, such as 3G. PWAs have the same performance expectations as native apps, so you can expect better responsiveness and a better user experience. PWAs can be published on any web server and accessed from any device. This means that even if a website is unavailable, the user can still access the content.

Comparison Search

HapPhi Comparison Search allows users to compare data from multiple sources and then leverage those findings. See what data is in common and what isn't, make edits and share or collaborate on projects. HapPhi Compare Search brings an extra level of power and personalization to the document management world. This product opens up the world for entrepreneurs to make new streams of income with a unique product that can enhance any business.


HapPhi offers a suite of microservices through our API and connected to your own AWS S3 server. This means your data is on your own personal S3 server (or servers), with a suite of powerful products as overlays. Every product HapPhi offers can be rebranded and launched under a new flag with our customizable user interface or pulled into another product.  This flexibility means HapPhi can enhance almost any new or existing product. Entreprenuers will have no shortage of options to monetize in their own playground of powerful tools and services.

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Better communication and engagement

Business communication services should work flawlessly, not frustrate or waste time. Business software is not designed to work together and was simply pieced together. HapPhi is a comprehensive suite of tools built to work seamlessly together to rebrand and sell. Get HapPhi

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Get your Shitzu together

“This is the coolest piece of software I've ever used!”

“This software is a must for businesses and entrepreneurs!”

“HapPhi replaces multiple monthly expenses and allows me to be the brand that looks smart enough to have thought of this brilliant idea!”

Be a marketing leader in your industry

No matter what industry you’re in, white label business software can transform your organization.
Put HapPhi to work and see what we can do together.

Starting a software company is expensive

HapPhi has built a scalable and powerful white label solution that requires a logo, an active business account, a stripe account and a website to launch and start building a profitable business.

Finding files is a pain in the rump

HapPhi Superb Search allows you to find exactly what you want in seconds, not hours.

Products are disjointed

HapPhi integrates the functionality from your favorite apps and products into a single easy to use view.

Finding what you need takes time

HapPhi uses artificial intelligence to sort and search for documents, videos and pictures so information can be found quickly.

Tokens have no value

There are products that offer no utility except the ability to mine coins presumably for later use like “Pi" where HapPhi tokens can be used for discounts immediately.

I have too many emails and chat apps

Integrate all your emails and chat apps into a single portal using HapPhi.

I have a customer attrition problem

Launch a plethora of white-label branded products in seconds with HapPhi. The more products you offer to customers that provide value, the more likely they are to stay.

Texting and email are now highly regulated

HapPhi utilizes for real-time chat, so you can mass communicate in an unlimited way without worrying about interference.

I need to make money now

With a stripe account, a logo and some color codes you can launch a plethora of products in minutes with HapPhi to start making money quickly.

NFT Upload is inefficient

HapPhi allows for upload and automatic numbering, naming, altering and minting on a large scale without loading one NFT at a time.

HapPhi AI

HapPhi Artificial Intelligence sorts all images and pictures automatically. Never spend time looking for important pictures again.

Mass Messaging

Communicate with unlimited efficiency using HapPhi. If you need to get 100,000 messages out immediately, we have your back with zero restrictions. 

I want to integrate my chat and email apps into one place

HapPhi allows you to pull other apps into our single user interface.  This allows all apps to have access to SuperbSearch power and efficiency.

I need to reduce attrition

Adding multiple product lines not only brings in more revenue, it locks customers in to reduce attrition.

We need to make more money as a business

Monetize in minutes with HapPhi. Rebrand and launch a variety of business crucial products that can make any software product better.

I can't find old links

Have your links organized for you automatically so you can find what you want, when you want in seconds.

I can't find old files

Have your links organized for you automatically so you can find what you want, when you want in seconds.

How can we keep people engaged and referring

Our mining gamification makes it fun and incentivized with free advertising to refer. Use what we built to bring people into your product and get new customers.

Ways to Monetize HapPhi

HapPhi is designed to build businesses. Add horsepower to your growth and monetization using HapPhi.

Upcharge your data

Build in custom margins and make money residually on data as customers find value in .

Build in smart contract revenue

Use HapPhi smart contracts to monetize the sales of any and all NFTs on your network.

Monetize chat channels

Enable customers to charge for access to chat channels. Monetize time for expertise, whether it's a doctor, teacher, trainer or influencer.

Monetize advertising

Earn advertising revenue in your network. Tokens are redeemable for free ads. Paid ads pay you! Collect and analyze real-time text marketing data to see what’s working and how to move forward.

Rebrand and launch products in minutes

Add your logo and colors to make the user interface yours. Add your Stripe API and set your pricing to prepare for launch in minutes.

Provide channels, chat, and data management

Your customers will find value throughout your product. Replace or enhance dozens of potential software products.

SuperSearch and AI

Customers will want all their files loaded into the product so they can enjoy the auto organization and SuperSearch. The power of AI to make life better!

Build opt-in data

Collect and analyze real-time marketing and communication data. Control your data, control your marketing.

Business NFTs

NFTs are more than pictures of monkeys. Use NFTs for contracts, wills, tickets, receipts, votes or any number of other things which cannot be forged or defrauded.

Set smart contracts for residual revenue

Smart contracts work automatically. Set your network with built in margins to monetize the move to Web 3.0.

Display advertising

Coming soon. Monetize NFTs through display ads in the real world and the virtual world. Be on the cutting edge of bridging the business gap between the physical and non-physical worlds.

Blockchain payment processing and wallets

Each account comes with a wallet. We charge 3/4ths of 1% percent (0.0075%) which our customers can up-charge to 1.5%. This means you can offer merchants a much less expensive and much faster means of collecting payments tied to USDC (Us dollar stable coin).

All together,
now all-in-one

High powered chat, HapPhi pay, Superb Search, NFTs, Geo Venue Advertising and more

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