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HapPhi has built a scalable and powerful white label solution that requires a logo, an active business account, a stripe account and a website to launch and start building a profitable business.

HapPhi Superb Search allows you to find exactly what you want in seconds, not hours.

HapPhi integrates the functionality from your favorite apps and products into a single easy to use view.

HapPhi uses artificial intelligence to sort and search for documents, videos and pictures so information can be found quickly.

There are products that offer no utility except the ability to mine coins presumably for later use like “Pi" where HapPhi tokens can be used for discounts immediately.

Integrate all your emails and chat apps into a single portal using HapPhi.

Launch a plethora of white-label branded products in seconds with HapPhi. The more products you offer to customers that provide value, the more likely they are to stay.

HapPhi utilizes for real-time chat, so you can mass communicate in an unlimited way without worrying about interference.

With a stripe account, a logo and some color codes you can launch a plethora of products in minutes with HapPhi to start making money quickly.

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