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What is HapPhi for Hotels?

HapPhi Chat for Hotels allows you to create unlimited individual or group chats in an encrypted, real-time experience. You can also broadcast live videos or create polls in a group chat. HapPhi Chat has stickers, emojis and GIFs too! There are also custom profile pictures and backgrounds that make chatting with your friends even more fun.

HapPhi for Hotels

Why HapPhi for hotels?

HapPhi Chat for Hotels allows you to create unlimited chat channels in an encrypted, real-time experience. You can also broadcast live videos or create polls in a group chat with scheduled messages time! HapPhi Chat also has stickers, emojis and GIFs. There are also custom profile photos, backgrounds and text colors to make chatting with your members.

What is HapPhi chat for hotels?

  • HapPhi helps organizations of all sizes communicate in a way that's never been possible before without the need for per-message charges. HapPhi chat allows for a way for guests to interact with the staff using chat giving the guest a better experience.  Guests are then opted in for future communications so keeping in touch remains easy.

Benefits of HapPhi service for hotels

HapPhi is designed to build and organize hotel data collection, increase communication efficiency and provide hotels with a suite of tools designed to improve revenue, customer experience, safety and efficiency.

  • Save hotel staff time and increase efficiency.

  • Provide simple means for payment and receipts.
  • Provide a direct touch for loyalty programs.
  • Offer unique member benefit programs for repeat business..
  • Communicate emergencies in real-time.
  • Send follow up surveys, updates, coupons and specials.

Uses for HapPhi software for hotels

  • Send real-time updates
  • Send a thank you
  • Take food orders or answer questions
  • Ask for referrals or repeat business
  • Send surveys to improve products or services
  • Let your customers know when specials or events are happening

White-label for hotels. Keep your branding consistent.

Change the logos and colors so HapPhi operates as part of your hotel chain.  HapPhi is a progressive web app (PWA) so no downloads are needed.

Use HapPhi to help capture and grow your hotel database. HapPhi is significantly more powerful and effective than email.

How to use HapPhi hotel messages

It’s easy to get started with a hotel software program. Here’s how:


Sign up for a free trial with HapPhi

Kick around and see if you fall in love. No credit card needed.


Upload your contacts and data

Upload any files you want to bring in.  Start communicating right away.


Send invites

Begin by inviting your employees and/or customers to join your HapPhi channels. Each channel segments your members automatically.


Provide free advertising as a customer benefit

HapPhi has geo-venue-based advertising that you can provide for free. Your hotel customers will love the gamification offered through your new product!


Get real-time feedback

HapPhi is a chat based product. This means you can do group, mass "BCC" type communication or 1:1 chat. All chat is real-time.


Use SuperSearch and AI to manage data

How much time is spent organizing data, creating lists or finding what you want and then making calls? Maximize efficiency with HapPhi SuperSearch!

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Benefits of HapPhi software for hotels

There are countless benefits of HapPhi for hotels. Grow your opt-in data list faster than ever before using the power of real-time chat and gamification. Make your life easier with HapPhi SuperSuper and AI. Even set up revenue earning programs to collect dues and/or generate additional revenue.

  • Send custom thank you messages to members or donors.

  • Give your donors ultimate visibility and engagement without paying per license.
  • Launch mass messaging campaigns with video, images or GIFs.
  • Emails and texts are getting blocked. HapPhi is a direct connect.
  • Real-time messaging provides a more personal touch to your customer outreach.
  • Collect payments directly through HapPhi at a lower cost than a normal POS system.