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About HapPhi

Hi everyone and welcome to HapPhi.

The desire for beauty and greatness has become a lost art.  The goal of HapPhi is to channel all the lessons learned from great artists past, and incorporate that love into a vessel that will inspire future artists to achieve infinite possibilities.

Every great artist or product we love was inspired by others.

Why can't we apply the same rules to software?

HapPhi was built out of a passion for efficiency. Rebrand our work and go inspire others to be better.  Make companies better.  Makes lives better. That's what HapPhi is.

HapPhi was formed because software as a service companies have a real need for technology partners who provide numerous products, ready to generate revenue without expensive software development. HapPhi is a complete suite of microservices that simply need to be rebranded and marked up, yet can still be customized or leveraged in an existing product.

So who are we? You tell us after your customers fall in love with you.  That's who we are.

Be inspired.  Inspire others. Be HapPhi.

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A system and method for providing user-specified data to participating venues includes a system services environment having a website or App, and that facilitates communication between a user and a venue.

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The system includes functionality for uploading a plurality of user preferences for storage by the system environment server and/or decentralized blockchain nodes, identifying the presence of each user interface device that is physically located at or near a venue, generating a report containing the cumulative favorite selections within each preference category submitted by each of identified user interface devices, submitting the report to the venue and/or environmental devices and/or nodes, and changing the environmental conditions of the venue in real time based on the report.



The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for adjusting real time environmental conditions based on cumulative preferences of users at a venue.


The statements in this section merely provide background information related to the present disclosure and may not constitute prior art.

Venues such as restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, shopping establishments, and gathering places rely on events and/or repeat customers to stay in operation. In this regard, venues typically establish a business plan which focuses on providing a pleasant customer experience. The customer experience is often based on personal preferences of a customer which range from atmospheric preferences such as lighting and temperature, entertainment preferences such as music or television offerings, and/or food and beverage preferences such as drink specials, for example.

To this end, such preferences are considered by the venue management who endeavor to satisfy customers based solely on quantitative data that has been compiled over time. For example, a venue may decide to offer a particular drink special on a particular month based on sales data from the same month the previous year. While this is useful in establishing past preferences, such methodologies do not take into account the quantitative data about the likes and dislikes of the people on-site, and in real time.

In addition to the above, many venues have started “geo locational” marketing campaigns, where consumers who are close to the business get texts for special offers. Again, such a system may be useful for attracting the attention of a potential customer, but does nothing to enhance the customers experience when they are at the venue, and therefore do not increase the likelihood of that customer returning to the establishment in the future.

Rather than relying on past preferences, or pushing information to a potential customer, as has been the norm, it would be beneficial to provide a system and method for providing user-specified data to participating venues, in order to allow the venue to make solid and sound business decisions dynamically based on the real-time interests of customers that are currently at their location.


The present invention is directed to a system and method for providing user-specified data to participating venues. One embodiment of the present invention can include a system services environment having a device and/or website or App, and that facilitates communication between a user and a venue through the web. Upon establishing communication, a user can upload a plurality of user preferences for storage through a blockchain and/or by the system environment server. The preferences can include video preferences and/or content, music preferences, atmospheric preferences, food and beverage preferences, and user-generated advertising preferences.

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In one embodiment, the system can identify the presence of each user interface device that is physically located at a venue, and the system environment display can generate a report containing the cumulative favourite selections within each preference category submitted by each of identified user interface devices.

In one embodiment, the report can be submitted to the venue for viewing on the venue interface device, and the environmental conditions can be adjusted manually by the venue staff. Additionally or alternatively, the report can be submitted to the venue interface device which can then automatically instruct any number of secondary devices to change the environmental conditions based on the report.

This summary is provided merely to introduce certain concepts and not to identify key or essential features of the claimed subject matter.


Presently preferred embodiments are shown in the drawings. It should be appreciated, however, that the invention is not limited to the precise arrangements and instrumentalities shown.


shows an exemplary blockchain enabling and/or network environment according to some embodiments of the technology.


shows an exemplary flow diagram illustrating a method for adjusting environmental conditions at a venue based on real time user-specified data, according to one embodiment.


shows an exemplary user interface of the system of FIG. 1.


shows a venue network environment according to some embodiments of the technology.


One embodiment of a system and method for providing user-specified data to participating venues is provided below. Unlike traditional marketing and management methods for improving customer experience, the present system allows users to push their data to a venue for their personal benefit. Such a system advantageously allows customers to advertise their business, push messages, hear their preferred music and/or impact the food, beverage and environmental conditions they experience in real time.

While the specification concludes with claims defining the features of the invention that are regarded as novel, it is believed that the invention will be better understood from a consideration of the description in conjunction with the drawings. As required, detailed embodiments of the present invention are disclosed herein; however, it is to be understood that the disclosed embodiments are merely exemplary of the invention which can be embodied in various forms. Therefore, specific structural and functional details disclosed herein are not to be interpreted as limiting, but merely as a basis for the claims and as a representative basis for teaching one skilled in the art to variously employ the inventive arrangements in virtually any appropriately detailed structure. Further, the terms and phrases used herein are not intended to be limiting but rather to provide an understandable description of the invention.

Identical reference numerals are used for like elements of the invention or elements of like function. For the sake of clarity, only those reference numerals are shown in the individual figures which are necessary for the description of the respective figure.

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