HapPhi for Taxi and Rideshare Services

What is HapPhi for taxi and rideshare services?

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft along with taxi companies have a unique opportunity to monetize their auto billboards using HapPhi.

Why HapPhi for rideshare services
and taxis?

Gas is skyrocketing and rideshare services and taxis need every monetization edge they can get. HapPhi Advertising allows for a customer benefit which also leads to monetization.

What is HapPhi for rideshare services and taxis?

  • HapPhi Venue Ads allows customers to engage daily with your company and push content to your car screens

  • HapPhi chat is a real-time chat for customer engagement levels the dispatch apps don't offer without giving up your phone number

  • HapPhi Pay allows for lower cost payment with NFT receipts

  • Geo Location services allow external advertisers to buy your billboard space even if they aren't your customer

  • Earn money even while sleeping by keeping your billboard on!

Benefits of HapPhi for rideshare services and taxis

Whether starting a rideshare app or adding on to the offering for an individual driver, there are many benefits of HapPhi for taxis and rideshare services.

  • Automatically build your client list and loyalty.

  • Give your customers gameification they can redeem for free advertising.
  • Set real-time chat channels for different purposes.
  • Take scheduled pickups through chat.
  • Monetize car billboard space.
  • Use HapPhi NFT to sell old cars!

Uses for HapPhi for rideshare services and taxis

  • Monetize the vehicle
  • Earn loyalty by providing loyalty points
  • Build your client list
  • Coordinate pickups without exposing your personal number
  • Monetize even with off duty
  • Recruit drivers

Keep your branding for your rideshare service or taxi company

The big boys like UBER and LYFT have their own apps. For everyone else use our white-label branded app to blow your customers away without spending millions...or use our API to build microservices into your existing app!

Whether you're an individual drive or a company looking to add core services to your offerings, l HapPhi Marketing has you covered for your taxi or ride sharing business.

How to get set up with HapPhi for ride sharing services and taxi cab company

It’s easy to get started with a rideshare program. Here’s how:


Sign up for a free trial with HapPhi

No credit card required just dress appropriately because the fun is starting!


Upload your contacts and data

Upload a .CSV and any files you want to bring in.  Start communicating right away.


Send invites

Begin by inviting your members to join your HapPhi channels. Each channel segments your members automatically.


Provide free advertising as a customer benefit

Geo-venue-based advertising is something that you can provide for free..until it's paid! Your riders will love the gamification and you will love their money.


Get real-time feedback

HapPhi is a socket.io chat based product. This means you can do group, mass "BCC" type communication or 1:1 chat. All chat is real-time.


Use SuperSearch and AI to manage data

How much time is spent organizing data, creating lists or finding what you want and then making calls? Maximize efficiency with HapPhi SuperSearch!

Helpful resources for HapPhi services:

Marketing guide

Donor assistance

Grow your subscriber list

Creative campaigns for the nonprofit

Write a great event sign up message

Create and store and share organized content

Avoid all email and SMS compliance

Engage at higher levels

Nonprofit text message templates

Benefits of HapPhi for ride share services

There are countless benefits of HapPhi for ride share services. Make your taxi companies more moneys.  Seriously.

  • Monetize every car.

  • Build a repeat business engine.
  • Connect good drivers with good passengers for quality business and tips.
  • Gameify every ride to provide value.
  • Provide NFT receipts.
  • Use HapPhi Pay and white-label app to launch your own ride share company or enhance what you have.

Get started with HapPhi today

Access all HapPhi features free for 30 days, then decide which plan  suits your needs.

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