HapPhi for Secret Societies

What is HapPhi for secret societies?

HapPhi makes secret societies run more smoothly and efficiently using real-time technology...so don't kill us.

Why HapPhi for secret societies?

Running a secret society requires a lot of communication and organization. HapPhi SuperSearch saves you so much time you can focus on coordinating outfits and torches.

HapPhi for secret societies

  • HapPhi AI organizes a secret intranet for you

  • White-label HapPhi so you can brand your own app to your cloaked members

  • Channel chat allows you to segment your communication depending on how
    high up people are. Keep those secrets, secret

  • NFT those cloaks and torches for easy sale!

  • Build your member list using HapPhi token mining and take over the world!

Benefits of HapPhi for secret societies

We offer a bunch of benefits to secret societies as long as you don't kill us!

  • Recruit and retain secret members.

  • White-label your own app.
  • Keep your secret society organized with AI.
  • Real-time chat and video can be deleted so no evidence!
  • Secret payments through HapPhi Pay.
  • Use HapPhi Marketing to generate more money for the organization.

Uses of HapPhi for secret societies

  • Send real-time images and videos of all your cloaks
  • Share moloch pictures or NFTs with your friends
  • Sell torches using HapPhi pay
  • Build your society using HapPhi token mining
  • Push disappearing secret messages to screens using HapPhi ads
  • Make sure you keep HapPhi alive!

White-Label an App for Your Secret Members and Keep 'em Secret

Did you know your app now has its own instance/server? We won't ever see or touch your data, so don't target us!

Operate in secret and chant until your heart is content. Use HapPhi Marketing to monetize your quest to take over the world!

How to get setup with HapPhi

It’s easy to get started with HapPhi for secret societies. Here’s how:


Sign up for a free trial with HapPhi

Don't tell anyone, it's a secret.


Upload your contacts and data

Do this in private.


Send invites

Pick a few key people so you can test behind closed doors.


Take a cloaked selfie and send!

Check out that real-time chat!


Get real-time feedback

HapPhi is a socket.io chat based product. Send and delete in real-time so your secret stays secret.


Start conquering the world

Spare HapPhi because we provided such a cool product!

Helpful resources for HapPhi services:

Marketing guide

Donor assistance

Grow your subscriber list

Creative campaigns for members

Write a great event sign up message

Create and store and share organized content

Avoid all email and SMS compliance

Engage at higher levels

Nonprofit text message templates

Benefits of HapPhi for secret societies

There are countless benefits of HapPhi for secret societies. Most of all don't kill us.

  • Grow your list and don't kill us.

  • Real-time channel chat and don't kill us.
  • LNFT your robes and don't kill us.
  • Avoid SPAM filters and don't kill us.
  • Venue advertise and don't kill us.
  • Use HapPhi AI because that cannot be killed!

Get started with HapPhi today

Access all HapPhi features free for 30 days, then decide which plan  suits your needs.

First 1000 people on the list get 100 free tokens.

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