HapPhi for Marketing Departments and Marketing Companies

What is HapPhi for marketing?

Marketing departments need efficiency, power, flexibility, analytics and most of all an immediate return on investment. HapPhi works with marketing companies and departments to make things more profitable and far less boring!

Why HapPhi for marketing departments?

Marketing departments struggle to build momentum for their own products or for their customers. HapPhi for marketing adds superpower to your organization and reach with multiple white-label products you can market and monetize.

What is HapPhi for marketing?

  • HapPhi chat is a real-time multi-channel mass communication

  • Build your opt-in lists for all your marketing using HapPhi token mining as an incentive

  • Push content and videos to screens

  • Use HapPhi AI (artificial intelligence) to make your life organized and efficient

  • Offer HapPhi Pay, SuperSearch and NFT marketplace along with everything
    else and upcharge!

Benefits of HapPhi for marketing groups

Marketing departments all have similar struggles, and HapPhi instantly solves many of them.

  • Instantly differentiate your offering.

  • Instantly organize the disorganized.
  • Build mega lists.
  • Avoid all spam filters.
  • Set up subscriptions plans.
  • Use HapPhi Real-time chat to increase engagement.

Uses for HapPhi for marketing

  • Increase communication and engagement
  • Bring your businesses into the world of NFTs and Smart Contracts
  • Build your mailing list
  • Compare and contrast data
  • Use SuperSearch and HapPhi AI for personal data mining
  • Create chat channels and share files

Keep Your Branding with HapPhi White-Label

Keep your logo and colors and make HapPhi a revenue generating tool immediately.

Launching new products is a process unless they are already launched for you! Use HapPhi White-Label to add to your product offerings.

How to get set up with HapPhi for marketing departments

It’s easy to get started on the HapPhi marketing nprogram. Here’s how:


Sign up for a HapPhi free trial

You know the drill. Take a minute and check it out!


Upload your contacts and data

Bulk uploads make life so much easier. Wait until you see the data be organized for you!


Send invites

You can create unlimited channels, and each channel has its own link to post or send.


Provide free advertising as a customer benefit

We forgot to mention that HapPhi geo-advertising that you can provide for free. Gameify your experience!


Get real-time feedback

Everything we do is super fast.  Nothing but real-time around here!


Use HapPhi SuperSearch and HapPhi AI

You just spent a few minutes to save you months of time! Congratulations on being smart!

Helpful resources for HapPhi services:

Marketing guide

Donor assistance

Grow your subscriber list

Creative campaigns for the marketing company

Write a great event sign up message

Create and store and share organized content

Avoid all email and SMS compliance

Engage at higher levels

Nonprofit text message templates

Benefits of HapPhi for marketing

Let us count the ways HapPhi for marketing can make you money and save you time. All that cool content you've created can now be pushed to screens and monetized with HapPhi geo-based marketing.

  • Have cool content? Push it to geo-based venue marketing screens.

  • Use HapPhi pay to buy and sell anything physical or non physical.
  • NFTs for business purposes? We have you covered.
  • EAvoid all spam filters with real-time HapPhi chat.
  • Set up subscription revenue services.
  • Use HapPhi AI to organize your life and never waste time searching again.

Get started with HapPhi today

Access all HapPhi features free for 30 days, then decide which plan  suits your needs.

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