HapPhi for Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores

What is HapPhi for grocery stores?

HapPhi for grocery stores connects data and customers straight to advertising with a powerful real-time mass communication platform. Grocery stores can run more efficiently and at a greater profit.

Why HapPhi for grocery stores?

Convenience stores and grocery stores need lots of data automatically organized so they can monetize that data. HapPhi AI and SuperSearch  facilitates real-time data comparison and auto organization for immediate use.

HapPhi for grocery stores

  • HapPhi Ads allow monetization and gamification of screens for consumers
    and advertisers.

  • HapPhi Chat allows for coupons to be pushed out.

  • HapPhi NFT allows for custom NFT coupons to be made in bulk and sold
    or distributed.

  • Offer a custom app to your customers with your branding.

  • Set chat channels for each department to help facilitate streamlined
    orders, feedback and higher levels of customer service.

Benefits of HapPhi for grocery stores and convenience stores

HapPhi automates the problems of massive amounts of data and communication for grocery stores and convenience stores.

  • Send custom single use coupons to customers.

  • Build your customer database and keep in touch.
  • Use channel chat for each department.
  • Avoid all SPAM filters for true direct communication with employees and customers.
  • Nonprofit messaging provides a more personal touch to your donor outreach attempts.
  • Upload documents and let HapPhi AI automatically organize all your data.

Uses for HapPhi for grocery stores and convenient stores

  • Send custom single use coupons
  • Coordinate staff for internal chat, and customers for external chat
  • Grow your customer data
  • Monetize advertising within stores, even when closed
  • Integrate HapPhi pay for instant payment at close to zero cost
  • Send advertisers detailed information on product and coupon use

Provide your Employees and Customers your own App using HapPhi White-Label

Increase your loyalty and communication by providing your own self-monetizing app.

Grocery stores and convenience stores will find a plethora of benefits usingl HapPhi marketing suite of products services.

How to get your grocery store
set up with HapPhi

It’s easy to get started with HapPhi for grocery stores. Here’s how:


Sign up for a free trial with HapPhi

Click on the "Sign up for free" and let the fun begin.


Upload your contacts and data

Upload a .CSV and any files you want to bring in.  Start communicating right away. We have bulk uploaders to make this super easy.


Add your logo and colors and send invites

Begin by inviting your members to join your HapPhi channels. Each channel segments your members automatically.


Set up Happhi app on your screens using Roku

HapPhi has geo-venue-based advertising that you can provide for free. Your hotel customerswill love the gamification offered through your new product!


Set up channels

HapPhi real-time chat is a socket.io chat based product. This means you can do group, mass "BCC" type communication or 1:1 chat. All chat is real-time.


Use SuperSearch and AI to manage data

All that time previously spent organizing data, creating lists or finding what you want? That's now in the past. Maximize efficiency with HapPhi SuperSearch!

Helpful resources for HapPhi services:

Marketing guide

Donor assistance

Grow your subscriber list

Creative campaigns for the grocery store

Write a great event sign up message

Create and store and share organized content

Avoid all email and SMS compliance

Engage at higher levels

Nonprofit text message templates

Benefits of HapPhi for grocery stores or convenience stores

HapPhi for grocery stores is a powerful enhancement to any infrastructure to make your locations run smoother and better. Creating digital coupons and providing a unique and smooth customer experience using HapPhi NFT will make work fun again.

  • Build that customer database.

  • Connect customers and departments.
  • Launch real-time mass campaigns for new text charity.
  • Reach people directly without big tech or SPAM filters.
  • Build reward programs for loyal customers.
  • White-label HapPhi Marketing and watch your advertisers perk up.

Get started with HapPhi today

Access all HapPhi features free for 30 days, then decide which plan  suits your needs.

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