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Using Channel Chat for Conference and Event Organizers

Collaboration and event tracking can be achieved using HapPhi's Socket io channel chat tool. This may be particularly beneficial when organizing events.

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June 15, 2022

Using Channel Chat for Conference and Event Organizers

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The world of event management is a high-stress profession that requires meticulous attention to detail. After all, any event of consequence is the culmination of months – if not years – of planning and diligent execution. A conference or event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for attendees to learn from industry experts, network with their peers, and gain new insights into rapidly evolving trends and topics. However, given the scope and significance of these gatherings, they are also logistically challenging to plan and execute successfully. As an event organizer, your responsibilities extend far beyond securing keynote speakers and booking a venue. You must also organize catering services, manage registrations, book transportation services for attendees, source promotional materials…the list goes on.

Introduction to Channel Chat

Channel Chat is a modern collaboration platform that leverages machine intelligence and behavioral analytics to encourage high-engagement discussions among communities. Channel Chat offers a suite of communication tools that make it easy for organizers to manage their event and engage in two-way communication with attendees. Channel Chat can be used to organize conferences and symposiums, manage meetups, host virtual events, and more. Channel Chat makes it easy to invite and engage your event attendees. The platform allows you to create a community around a specific topic, invite the right people, and then facilitate conversations among members before, during, and after the event. With Channel Chat, you can create a customized login page and branding for your event that makes it easy for people to join, and stay engaged and informed.

Why Use a Collaboration Tool for Events?

As we’ve discussed, event organizers face a plethora of challenges as a result of their demanding profession. Having a robust, reliable communication channels in place is therefore essential for their smooth operation. For a long time, e-mail and phones were the go-to communication tools for many organizations and events. However, these tools have significant limitations, particularly when the number of participants is large. For example, e-mail works well when there are just two people on either end of the conversation. But what happens when there are more than two people in the conversation? E-mail is not designed for group communication, and it doesn’t scale well.

How Does Channel Chat Help Organizers?

If you’re organizing an event, then you need a real-time, interactive platform that can support conversations between hundreds or thousands of attendees, as well as organizational leaders. Channel Chat is a real-time online community that facilitates two-way communication between event organizers and attendees. As an event organizer, you can invite people to join a private community and use the platform to host discussions and Q&As, share documents, organize polls, and more. You can also create channels within the community to facilitate topical and sub-topic discussions. This can be helpful if you have a diverse group of people with varied interests attending your event. Channel Chat allows you to create unique login pages and branding for your event. This can be helpful in getting the word out about your event and encouraging more people to join.

What’s Unique about Channel Chat?

We’ve discussed a few of the benefits of using Channel Chat to host events, but there are many more that make this platform stand out as the best real-time communication solution for organizers. Channel Chat is designed to facilitate rich, collaborative discussions among large communities. This makes it a great solution for organizations that host conferences and events. Channel Chat leverages machine learning to make sure discussions stay on track and are productive. It uses behavioral analytics to surface the most relevant content and suggest discussion questions. Channel Chat is also GDPR compliant, making it the best solution for companies that handle sensitive data.

Final Words: Wrapping Up

When hosting an event, your primary objective is to ensure that attendees have a positive experience and walk away with new insights. The best way to ensure this is to ensure that communication channels are open and accessible. Channel Chat is a real-time online community that enables two-way communication between event organizers and attendees. Channel Chat allows event organizers to easily set up and manage a private community where they can interact with attendees. This real-time communication solution allows organizers to easily create polls, discuss topics, and share documents with members. Channel Chat is designed to facilitate rich, collaborative discussions among large communities, making it the ideal solution for event organizers.

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