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The Technology Behind Document Sharing: The Basics

Any business environment relies on document sharing. It is critical to select a service that adequately accommodates both the demands of your workforce and the security demands of your company. If your company requires integration with other systems or if you have compliance demands, you should select a service that provides an open API. On-premises document hosting or stringent SLA requirements may be better addressed with a managed service. Every company is distinct, and every document sharing solution will be different. It is crucial to assess each provider's offerings and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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June 15, 2022

The sharing of documents and files is an essential part of most businesses, especially in fields such as law or accountancy. With access to so many different cloud solutions available, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. To help you decide, we’ve put together this guide to document sharing services. With so much variety out there, you need to make sure that your chosen solution ticks all the relevant boxes for your business needs. You will want to think about how many users you expect at peak usage times, how many confidential documents you keep on file, if the service allows you to upload a large amount of data and if there are any restrictions on file types. This blog post will explore the most important features of a document-sharing service and explain what they do. We’ll also learn about the different kinds of software used to manage these services, as well as some common examples that exist today.

What Is Document Sharing?

When people talk about document sharing, they’re usually referring to the process of using the internet to store, manage, and share files. Some people will use this term to talk about sending files to and from colleagues by email. But when we talk about document sharing as part of a larger business process, we’re typically talking about a cloud service that allows people to upload files and/or create folders and share them with team members. These can be internal business documents or customer-facing content. Examples include a salesperson uploading a product catalog, a designer posting their portfolio or a company sharing its HR policy.

Which Software Can You Use For Document Sharing?

There are many different document sharing software solutions on the market today. The technology behind these products is often built on top of a cloud storage platform like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage, but with specific code and features added on top. The document sharing software itself is usually running on a web server, and users can access it through an online browser or a mobile app. Some solutions also let you host the software on your own servers, if you prefer. Because there are so many products out there, we’re offering a look at three of the most popular options. These three software solutions offer a wide variety of features and customers from a range of industries have found them useful.

Dropbox: Synonymous With Document Sharing

Dropbox is one of the world’s most recognizable names in file sharing. It is a cloud-based service that enables users to store files in the cloud either privately or publicly and access them from any device. The free service comes with 2 GB of storage, but users can upgrade to more storage if needed. Dropbox’s document-sharing feature is extremely intuitive. After logging in to your account, click the “New” button at the top of the page and select “Dropbox.” Now you can select “New Folder” to create a new folder, or “New Document” to begin creating a new document. Once you do, Dropbox will open a new tab within your browser that automatically gives you the address to that folder or document. You can then share it with certain people by clicking the Sharing button at the top of the page and typing in their email address.

Box: The Platform Of Choice For Large Corporations

Box is a cloud storage and collaboration platform that provides a wide range of tools for businesses to manage their documents and communications. The basic platform is free for individuals; for teams it costs $15 per person per month, and for businesses it costs $15 per user per month. If you’re looking for a document-sharing service that has everything you could possibly need and more, Box is a great pick. With its extensive capabilities and integrations, it’s ideal for large organizations that need to collaborate on a lot of documents. One of the best features of Box is that you can create multiple people accounts. You can have a guest account, a general account and an admin account. This is useful if you have clients or people who need access to a folder but don’t need administrative rights.

HapPhi: A Solid, Versatile Service

HapPhi is a document-sharing service that’s aimed at businesses, creative teams and educational institutions. The company offers a tiered pricing model — which means you choose how many people will be using the service and pay based on that number. HapPhi is a solid choice for businesses, creative teams or educators who want a simple-yet-powerful document-sharing service. It offers the basics you need in a document-sharing service, such as file management, sharing and collaboration tools. The service doesn’t have as many integrations or advanced features as Box, but it has a lot of flexibility. You can create team folders, assign documents to team members, encrypt documents with a password, add comments and create tasks.


Document sharing is a vital part of any business environment. It’s important to choose a solution that will suit both the needs of your team and the security requirements of your organization. If you need to integrate with other business systems or if you have compliance requirements, you will want to choose a service that offers an open API. If you need to host documents on-premise or have strict SLA requirements, then a managed service is better. No two businesses are alike, and no two document sharing solutions will be the same. It’s important to evaluate the offerings of each vendor and choose the one that will best suit your needs and your budget.

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