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The Importance of Data for SuperSearch

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June 15, 2022

The Importance of Data for SuperSearch

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Data is the lifeblood of any company. Data drives decision-making and helps businesses understand customers, their habits, and what they want to see from the brand in the future. With so many companies relying on data to drive their business forward, it’s no surprise that data is also a hot topic in the superannuation industry. Whether you have a background in finance or not, you'll know that there's something called ‘data mining’ which has become an important part of many industries. But what does this mean for superannuation? Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that data is being used in the world of superannuation.

What is data mining?

Before we get into the ways in which data is being used in the superannuation industry, let’s first define what data mining is. In simple terms, data mining is a data analysis process that uncovers patterns and trends in large data sets. Companies that are data-driven use data mining to process large volumes of data to uncover information that will help to better understand customers, their habits, and how the business can continue to drive forward. For example, imagine that a company has a large network of gas stations across the country. Let’s say this company also has data on where customers come from, what times of the day they usually stop by, and their average spending at each station. With this data, the gas station chain could be able to predict when their customers will hit the road: during rush hour. The chain could then decide to close down certain stations during the busiest times, making it easier for customers to find the gas they need and avoid long lines.

Data for improving customer experience

As mentioned above, data mining can be used to improve the customer experience. For example, if a super fund has data on its members, it can use this data to understand their needs and preferences. If the fund knows that a member uses an iPhone, it could then display the member’s super information on the phone’s mobile app. If a member uses a computer, the information could be displayed there as well. If a member needs to update their details, they could do so online. The fund could also use data to understand the types of information its members want to see. If a member is about to retire, for example, the fund could display helpful information about what to expect and how to plan for the future. In summary, improving the customer experience means making things easier for members and improving their satisfaction with the super fund.

Data for risk management

Risk management is all about anticipating the future. The fund uses data to understand what could go wrong and how to minimize risk. For example, if a fund knows that certain members are pregnant, it could help them avoid certain investments that could be harmful to a growing fetus. A pregnancy is an exciting time but can also be challenging because of the types of investments members choose. Pregnancy is one of the times when it is important to be as cautious as possible with your super. This is particularly important if you have a self managed super fund (SMSF) and have the ability to choose your own investments. If a fund knows that a member is pregnant, it can take this information into account when choosing investments. For example, the fund could avoid investing in certain stocks that may go up and down in value very quickly, as this would be stressful for a pregnant woman to watch. By using data to understand what members are doing, a fund can also manage risk by knowing when certain members are going to retire. If a fund knows that a particular member will be retiring soon, it could help the member make sure their super is ready for retirement.

Data for investment decision-making

Investment decision-making is how a fund decides which investments to put members’ money into. These investments could be things like stocks, bonds, or other types of assets. To make the best decision for members, a fund uses data to understand which investments will provide the best returns. A fund could use data to understand which sectors are growing and which sectors are slowing down, for example. A fund could also use data to understand what types of companies its members like, so it can invest in those companies. Using data for investment decision-making is crucial for a fund because it helps members get a higher return on their money. A member contributes money to their super fund and this money is then invested and grows over time. The longer the money is invested, the more it can grow. So if a super fund can make good investment decisions, it can help members get a higher return on their money. This is important because members can then retire with more money.

SuperSearch’s mission: to help members understand their own data

Super Search is a new way of managing super. The app helps users understand their super, track their progress towards their goals, take control of their super, and make informed decisions. SuperSearch users have access to their super data, in real time and can then use this data to make decisions, whether it be choosing a fund, an investment strategy, or when they are going to retire. The app’s mission is to help members understand their own data and make better decisions as a result. SuperSearch is investing heavily in data and is working with fund managers to help members gain insights into their super. Once the app has been released, users will be able to see all of their super information in one place, from their financial position, to the super funds they are in, the investments within those funds, and their cash flow.


As companies become increasingly data-driven, super funds are expected to follow suit. Already, super funds are using data to make decisions about members’ money and to improve members’ experience with their fund. The future of superannuation promises even more data-driven decisions. As technology becomes more advanced and more data is collected, super funds will have access to new insights. This will enable them to make more informed decisions about members’ money and to improve members’ experience with their fund overall.

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