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How you can white label a work from home software?

The most significant phase of white labelling a remote job application is testing it thoroughly and ensuring that it works properly. You should make certain that you have hired a team to assist with client assistance so that you are not overwhelmed. You should also verify that the software is ready for launch after making any necessary alterations. Once you have done these things successfully, you can release the software. You may then advertise it with your own name and logo, and start making money.

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June 15, 2022

How you can white label a work from home software

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You can white label a work from home software in case you want to create your own brand and sell the same software under a different name. However, this is not an easy task and cannot be done in a single day. You need to plan everything beforehand, so that the final output has no traces of the original software. To white label a software means that you need to remove all references to the original company. In order to do that, you need first to understand how the software works, its structure, and all its hidden codes. Once you are ready with your plan, here are some steps that will help you successfully white label a work from home software:

Change the product name and logo

The product name and logo of the software are among the first things that people will notice. If you keep these names, the users will see them and instantly know that they are using the same software that they had used before. Therefore, it is important to change the product name and logo. You can make minor changes to the logo, such as removing the company name from it or making the colour different. However, you must not make any drastic changes, or the users will notice it instantly. The name of the software is trickier, because you cannot change it without affecting the entire system. The best option is to use a different name for the software, but use the same name for the backend of the software. That way, if someone looks at the source code of the website, they will see a different name, but the users won’t.

Change the background and colours of the software

The background of the software is another thing that people see while they use the software. It is often the first thing that they see, and as such, you must change it. Make the background different, and use different colours than the original background and colours.

Change the words and texts that appear on screen

White labeling a work from home software also means that you need to change the words within the software. You cannot use the same terms and words that the original software has used because they have a particular meaning in the original software. It is crucial to change all the words that appear on the screen. However, you must not change them so much that they have a completely different meaning. If you change the terms, the customers will not understand what they mean.

White label the software with your own graphics

The graphics are what make the software unique. Therefore, you must white label a work from home software by changing the graphics. You can remove some graphics completely, replace others with your own graphics, or you can simply change the colours of some graphics. You can also add new images to the software. However, make sure that the images represent the work from home software and the type of work that it does. The images can be text, images, logos, graphs, etc.

Final Words

This is probably the most important part of the whole process of white labeling a work from home software. You must test everything and make sure that it works properly before launching it to the public. You should make all the necessary changes to the software and ensure that it is completely ready for launch. You should also make sure that you have hired a team that can help you with customer support so that you are not put under pressure. If you have done all these things successfully, then you can go ahead and launch the software. You can promote it with your own name and brand, and you can start making money.

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