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How to White Label Slack for your Business: The Ultimate Guide

Starting a software business is easier than you think. using HapPhi In fact, it's so easy that you don't even have to be in business for long! It sounds like an amazing idea and every entrepreneur would love to put their skills into practice without having the hassle of running a company - but what kind of company should they make? Once entrepreneurs figure out which type of business they want to start, then setting up the individual parts becomes much easier. Don't worry- once your new venture is underway, there are many ways on how your success can be achieved.

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June 15, 2022

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What’s the most famous software company you’ve never heard of? Microsoft? Google? Apple? IBM?  It’s no surprise that these big corporate names don’t dominate the software landscape. There are over 4,600 independent software vendors (ISVs) in the software industry, and they’re small — on average, they have only two employees each. That’s why software businesses are so lucrative. Many of them are so successful that they’ve been acquired by large corporations.  For example, Atlassian is an independent software vendor that’s been acquired by Microsoft and Salesforce. Slack is an independent software vendor that’s been acquired by Microsoft, Yahoo, and, most recently, Google.  Independent software vendors are the ones who have been creating software businesses since the software industry was born. But, how do you go from being an independent software vendor to a software company that’s been acquired by a corporation? It’s a lot easier than you think. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up a software business and white label Slack for your business.

What is White Label Software?

White label is the act of creating an app that looks and feels like the app of a different company. So, if your company makes an app for food and drink, you could create an app for Postmates. There are many advantages of white labeling software products, but the most important one is that you can take advantage of an existing user base. An app like Slack is a very crowded market. You can find tons of messaging tools, but not many are designed to be easy to use for team communication. You can white label Slack by creating a custom app that looks and feels like Slack. You can even add features that let your clients communicate better, faster.

How to White Label Slack for your Business

There are two main ways to white label software products:  For-Profit model – You can use a for-profit model to white label products that you create. There are a lot of tools out there that are designed to make the process of white labeling easier. These tools can be expensive, though. They often cost thousands of dollars, and you’ll probably only use them once. For example, Appiterate offers a software as a service model that makes it easy to create a Slack app. They charge $1,500 a month, and it’s a one-time fee. The biggest issue with for-profit models is that you make money primarily through monthly subscription revenue. If the market for your app is crowded, you’ll have a hard time earning a steady revenue stream from it.  Not-for-profit model – The not-for-profit model is the simplest and cheapest way to white label Slack. You can create a software app that looks and feels like Slack. Once you’ve created your app, you can invite the people you want to use it. When they sign up, they’ll be added to your existing Slack team.

Establish your software business

The first step in creating a software business is deciding on a business model. After that, you need to do some market research to find out what features people want in their software products. You also need to gather feedback from your target users to make sure your product is solving their problems. Finally, you need to have a detailed product roadmap with a timeline for the development of your product.

Establish your business account on Slack

To create your business account on Slack, you need to create an app with the name of your company. When creating an app, you can choose whether or not you want to be verified by clicking “Other apps you’ve created.” Verified apps have more advantages, but creating a business account is the first step. Once you create a company account, you’ll need to verify your identity by uploading a photo of your ID, or scanning a copy of your ID.

Create your app on Slack

Once you’ve created your business account on Slack, you can start using the platform. You can create private channels, post updates, and talk with your team members. To create your app, click “Apps” in the navigation menu on the left side of your screen. Then, click “Create a new app.”


Setting up a software business is easier than you think. In fact, it’s so easy that you don’t even have to be in business. You can start a software business from the comfort of your couch. The hardest part is deciding what kind of business you want to set up. Once you decide on a business type, you can find out how to set up the business. Don’t worry, you won’t regret starting a software business — it’s one of the best ways to make money online.

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