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How to use MLM for B2B?

Choosing the right MLM model and composing a value proposition are the first phases of any successful B2B network marketing strategy. Finding the appropriate associates and developing an effective advertising campaign are subsequent steps. Your B2B program should be tailored to resonate with your audience. If you can accomplish that, you'll have a better chance at succeeding with network marketing. HapPhi provides a B2B white-label data collection tool for marketing.

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June 15, 2022

How to use MLM for B2B

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Many MLM programs have been focused on selling products to consumers. But, as any marketer knows, B2B sales are just as important. With a B2B lead generation program, you can use MLM principles to build your business by reaching out to potential partners and creating new opportunities for growth. Use these tips to create a B2B network marketing strategy that’s tailored to business-to-business sales. A successful B2B network marketing strategy involves all the same steps as a standard MLM plan: research your target market, create value propositions, and find the best partners for an effective sales team. The primary difference is in the details, so read on for advice on how you can use these principles to build your business with confidence.

Decide which MLM model is right for your company

Choosing the right model for your company is crucial for success in the B2B space. If you’ve never run a network marketing company before, you might not know which model will work best for your business. There are a few different models that can help you decide which one is best for you and your team. The first is called an unending chain. In an unending chain, distributors sell products to other distributors as well as to end-consumers. Tying your company into a unending chain means that you don’t have a set number of salespeople. Instead, you’re encouraged to build a bigger team of distributors that can sell your products to customers and other distributors. This can be a good option for smaller businesses; since there’s no set number of salespeople, you can work on building a strong team. The second type of network marketing model is called a binary. In a binary network marketing system, there are two positions: a Distributor and an Executive who directs the Distributor. Only those people can earn a commission and earn money in the system. The rest of the people in the company are customers. A binary system is set up so that each Distributor has an Executive above them. Whenever a Distributor sells a product, a percentage of the sale goes to the Executive Distributor above them. This creates a binary chain where money flows down the chain until it reaches the Distributor at the bottom of the chain. This is a good model if you want to put a finite cap on the number of salespeople in your network.

Create a value proposition

The value proposition of a B2B network marketing program is different from the value proposition of a product for consumers. For consumers, the value proposition is about the product itself. For B2B, the value proposition is about the network. For B2B, you need to find ways to connect your business to other businesses in your industry. You can do this by connecting with larger businesses or seeking out smaller businesses that have the potential to grow. Every business wants to find ways to grow their client base. Partnering with a company that has a solid product and a B2B network marketing strategy in place can help them do just that. You can find potential partners to reach out to in a few different ways. You can use social media platforms to get in touch with larger businesses and see if they’re interested in your product. You can also reach out to smaller businesses and see if they’d be interested in being a part of your network.

Find the right partners

The right partners for your B2B network marketing strategy will depend on what products you’re offering and who your target audience is. You’ll want to look for partners who have similar customer bases to your business. If you’re marketing to businesses in the finance industry, for example, you’ll want to partner with other companies who already offer products to finance professionals. The best partnerships are mutually beneficial; you want to partner with businesses that will get a lot out of your program as well. Find out where your partners are most active online. You can also reach out to other network marketers to see if they’ve worked with any businesses that might be a good fit for your program.

Develop an effective ad

When developing an ad for your B2B network marketing program, you’ll want to focus on a few key points. First, you need to focus on who your product is for. For example, if you’re selling a product for finance professionals, you might want to say something along the lines of, “Your industry is growing. Join the growth.” B2B ads also need to focus on the network aspect of your program. You need to show potential partners that joining your program will be beneficial for them. You can do this by pointing out the benefits of partnering with your company and why your product is a good investment.


Choosing the right MLM model and creating a value proposition are the first steps of any successful B2B network marketing strategy. Once you’ve done that, you can find the right partners and start building an effective ad that will help your business grow. Most importantly, your B2B program needs to be tailored to the needs of your audience. If you can do that, you’ll have a much better chance at finding success with network marketing.

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