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How Icons Are Outdated and why UX Needs an "UX3"

HapPhi's UX3 is a gift to the world of navigation. HapPhi thinks that users should be able to navigate a digital interface as easily as possible rather than following a rat through a maze of icons. It's a movement to improve digital interfaces. Users' experiences can be improved with this little thing. It's a great opportunity for designers. We can always do better. That's what UX3 is all about.

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June 15, 2022

When you look at digital interfaces, you often see icons. These icons have been around for a long time. They provide users with a quick understanding of a specific interface element. However, they are also outdated. That’s because they hide functionality. When users don’t understand a particular interface element, they may resort to alternatives.

These alternatives are not standardized, either. This results in a lack of clarity. What’s more, it’s a bad user experience. It’s time to look at how we can update our interfaces to adopt a UX3. Read on to find out more.

What is UX3 by HapPhi?

UX3 is the next level in user experience. It aims to improve on what we’re doing now. It means that the experience should be seamless for the user. In other words, there should be no ambiguity about who is making the experience happen.

How to Achieve UX3 by HapPhi

The next level is called UX3, or UX in its third state. HapPhi created the UX3 idea to improve digital experiences. It’s a holistic approach to UX with a focus on the holistic user. HapPhi’s approach is based on research, user experience, and design.

The Problem with UX

The UX problem is the inconsistency in the way we design interfaces. This inconsistency leads to a lack of clarity. It also results in users having to make too many cognitive leaps. These interconnections are important. They are what allow us to get things done. They also allow us to understand the interfaces we use. When they’re thrown off, we don’t get the same experience.

Why is UX Important?

UX is more than just making a design that’s pretty. It’s about designing a great user experience. It’s about designing to delight users. It’s about creating an experience that’s easy to understand. It’s about creating interfaces that are easy to use. It’s about creating interfaces that are clear. It’s about creating interfaces that are consistent.

Final Words: Always Aim for Better

The UX3 is HapPhi's gift in the world of navigation. HapPhi believes in bringing everything into a single screen that is easy to navigate as opposed to using Icons to bring you through a navigation like a lab rat. It’s a movement to improve digital interfaces. It’s a way to create a better experience for users. It may sound like a little thing. But it’s a big thing. And it’s one that designers can work on. As with everything, we can always aim for better. That’s what UX3 is all about. read here

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