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How Gyms and Fitness Centers Can Monetize Their Screens

Screen monetization at gyms and fitness centers is a very lucrative business. Gyms have big displays with plenty of space for advertisements and videos that can be monetized. Because people now rely on gyms for their main workout, these businesses can earn more money from their existing hardware. Screen monetization is a fantastic way to generate income while providing excellent customer service. HapPhi provides a range of software tools to monetize screens in gyms and fitness centers.

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June 15, 2022

Today, more and more people are working out at gyms instead of buying home exercise equipment. Given that most people do not want to sign long-term contracts, this creates something of a quandary for fitness centers. How can they continue attracting new members while also monetizing their space? The answer is screen-monetization. Gyms and other fitness centers have so many screens because they serve as an essential part of their business model. Screens can be used to host virtual trainers, display advertisements, and sell memberships directly to customers. Here are some ideas on how you can monetize your screen in your gym or fitness center.

Run fitness ads on your screens

Many gyms already have a treadmill or screen that shows exercise videos. If you own one of these gyms, you can easily start making money by showing advertisements for local fitness and wellness services on your screen. If you don’t have a treadmill, you can show the same ads on a screen in the waiting area. You can also put TVs in each locker room so that customers can watch them while showering and changing. The more places you can put your screens, the more money you can make. Fitness studios, wellness centers, and spas can all benefit from this type of monetization.

Allow local businesses to advertise on your screens using HapPhi

HapPhi is a clever way of monetizing your screen without showing ads the whole time. HapPhi is a program that allows local businesses to pay a fee to have their logo displayed on your screen. This way, your customers will see ads, but they won’t be as annoying as having an ad play on a loop. You might display a yogurt company logo or a health insurance provider on your screen while showing an exercise video. This way, you’re still making money, but it’s less invasive for both customers and the businesses paying for the ad space.

Show videos that allow viewers to directly buy what they see

This idea works best for fitness clubs that have a lot of cardio equipment. Fitness clubs with treadmills and stationary bikes can create their own videos featuring popular exercise equipment. Treadmills and stationary bikes are a huge part of most fitness club models. They also happen to be extremely expensive. By recording a video of an expensive piece of equipment and then showing that video on your screen, you can make money every time a customer watches it. This method is best used when you have a very specific product to advertise, such as the treadmill you bought for your fitness club.

Create exclusive membership packages using screen monetization

Exclusive membership packages are a fantastic way to monetize your screen. Fitness centers can offer special memberships to people who agree to pay a certain amount before seeing a screen. Once the screen loads, you can ask the customer to enter their credit card information. This way, you’re still getting paid, even if the customer decides to walk out of the fitness center. Memberships are crucial for gyms and fitness centers, especially for people who don’t want to sign long-term contracts. You can create a virtual tour of your facility that allows customers to see what they’re paying for before they even enter the building. You can also show the exact equipment that people will be using and host virtual coaching sessions.

Allow members to pay with an ad view instead of a monthly fee

This is a very unique way of monetizing your screen, but it can be hugely effective. Instead of charging members a monthly fee, you can charge customers a one-time fee that’s higher than the monthly rate. You can then show ads on your screen for a specific period of time. This way, you’ll still be making money from memberships, but the customers will only pay once rather than every month. This is an excellent way to monetize your screen for customers who are on a tight budget.


Gyms and fitness centers have a huge advantage when it comes to screen-monetization. All gyms have big screens with plenty of space for advertisements and videos. Now that most people use gyms as their primary form of exercise, these businesses have more money to make from their existing hardware. Screen-monetization is also a great way to increase revenue while also providing excellent customer service.

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