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HapPhi The Most Useful White Label Blockchain-Enabled Platform for NFTs

Blockchain is one of the greatest technologies for solving issues with NFT platform deficiencies. While freelancing is a lucrative profession, there are a few issues that must be addressed. By using blockchain, user authenticity can be verified more easily, transparency can be maintained, and fraud can be reduced.

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June 15, 2022

HapPhi is a Solana based marketplace that allows users to buy and sell virtual goods from games and blockchain-based apps (such as CryptoKitties). The platform is a great example of how the rise of digital services has opened up new opportunities for freelancing, remote work, and remote hiring. OpenSea launched in November 2017 as the first peer-to-peer marketplace for digital goods on the blockchain. In this article, we explore why HapPhi is the most useful blockchain-enabled platform for the freelancing industry.

What Is HapPhi NFT?

HapPhi is a Solana-based decentralized marketplace for buying and selling virtual items from games and other apps. The OpenSea marketplace enables users to create their own shops to sell virtual items, and earn a revenue from them. HapPhi was initially focused on the CryptoKitties collectibles, but has since expanded to include other games and apps.

How Does HapPhi Work?

The HapPhi platform brings together buyers and sellers of virtual goods. The platform allows users to buy or sell virtual assets from games, apps, collectibles, and other online communities. The HapPhi platform is Solana-based, allowing the transfer of tokens using smart contracts. Transactions on the HapPhi platform take place. This means that most virtual items from various apps can be exchanged for other assets on the OpenSea platform. The platform has been designed for easy use, enabling anyone to list their items for sale and browse the marketplace. Items listed for sale include collectibles from CryptoKitties, along with in-game items from games such as Overwatch, and items from social media apps like Reddit. HapPhi uses a reputation system to give users a score based on their number of successful transactions, and game developers can integrate accounts from the platform into their games.

Why Is Blockchain so Important in Remote Work?

With the emergence of blockchain technology, there have been significant developments in the hiring process. Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, freelancing has become easier. The blockchain has also made it possible for individuals to get paid without the need of an intermediary. The blockchain is an online ledger that stores data in a decentralized manner. It is a distributed database that can be used for managing different types of transaction. The data is not stored on a single server but on a network of computers.

Problems with Current Freelance Platforms

Freelancing has become a popular career choice, but there are a few ongoing issues in the industry. Trust - Trust is a major issue faced by both the freelancers and the clients. With the absence of a proper verification process, it becomes difficult to know if the users are genuine. Scalability - Although freelancing has been very popular, the scalability has been a major issue. There is a need for a centralized system that can handle the large number of transactions. Fraud - With the absence of a proper verification system, it is easy for fraudsters to impersonate as genuine customers or freelance workers.

How Can Blockchain Fix These Problems?

- Trust - With the implementation of blockchain, the system makes use of trustless systems. This means that both the parties do not need to trust each other as the blockchain system takes care of the trust factor. - Scalability - The blockchain is able to handle a large number of transactions. This is possible because of the decentralized nature of the system. - Fraud - The blockchain is able to verify user authenticity by using smart contracts. This is done by programming a set of conditions in the contract. - Conclusion - With the above-mentioned factors, it is obvious that blockchain is a better choice for a decentralized system.


Freelancing is a lucrative career option, but there are a few issues that have to be addressed. Blockchain is one of the best technologies that can be used to address these issues. With the implementation of blockchain, it becomes easier to verify user authenticity, maintain transparency, and reduce chances of fraud.

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