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HapPhi is a PWA. What is a Progressive Web App and Why Should You Care?

HapPhi is a PWA (progressive web app) for speed and cross platform ubiquity. What is a PWA and why is it important?

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June 15, 2022

When it comes to user experience, speed has become the new black. Users are demanding faster websites and faster mobile apps. A lot of websites are already fast and some are so fast that they’re called Super Fast. But how fast is fast enough? Users have become so used to fast websites that if a site is not fast enough, users will leave faster than a speeding speeding bullet. So what’s the big deal about being fast?

Users don’t care about the source of your content as long as your content is fast and accessible. Google is penalizing websites that are not fast and have not been optimized to be fast. In fact, Google has announced that it will penalize websites that are not fast enough in its search results.

What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App is an application that can work both online and offline. It can be accessed from any device — from a desktop computer to a smart phone — without any configuration or installation required.

Progressive Web Apps are very similar to normal websites, but they have one important advantage: they are “progressive.” They load faster because they are built with a combination of technologies that make them faster to load.

Progressive Web Apps can be accessed in different ways — by visiting the app’s website, by visiting the app’s app store page, or by installing the app. When a user opens the app, the app is installed on the user’s device and then it is available offline.

Why Should You Care?

Mobile usage has surpassed desktop internet usage. In 2018, 79% of internet users will access the internet on their phones rather than their computers.

Today, about two-thirds of all time spent online is spent on mobile devices. By 2020, it is projected that the number will be over 90%.

This increased usage has led to more competition for users’ attention and has resulted in a more urgent need to create first-class mobile experiences.

What You Need to Know Before You Start

- What is a progressive web app?

- Why Is the Speed of Your Web App So Important?

- Strategies to Increase Web App Performance

- Conclusion


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