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Creating Memes: A Guide to the Technology Behind Making Them

HapPhi talks about creating Memes: A Guide to the Technology Behind Making Them

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June 15, 2022

Creating Memes A Guide to the Technology Behind Making Them

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Memes have become a pop culture phenomenon that is enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. From the classic “Doge” meme to the more recent “Harambe” meme, these images have become part of our everyday lives. But how exactly do these images come to be? For the everyday person who is looking to create their own memes, the technology behind making them can be intimidating and complex. This guide aims to simplify the process and provide an accessible introduction to the technology behind creating memes. From understanding the basics of image editing to knowing how to use the best meme-making apps, this guide will provide readers with the necessary information to make their own humorous, shareable images.

Understanding Image Editing

Before you can create a successful meme, you’ll need to understand how to edit images. Image editing can be a daunting task for someone who is new to it, both due to the complexity of the software and the fact that you’ll likely have to spend money on a good image editing software. Luckily, there are many free online tools that allow you to edit images quickly and easily. The first step to understanding image editing is to understand the difference between bitmap and vector images. Bitmap images are made up of pixels that are displayed as tiny squares. Each square has two colors, one for when it is shaded and one for when it is un-shaded. Vector images, on the other hand, are made up of shapes and lines that are all one color. These shapes can be edited and resized without losing quality, but bitmap images cannot.

What are the Best Applications for Making Memes?

There are dozens of applications and websites that allow you to create memes and edit images. Some of the best apps and websites are listed below: - Photoshop or Gimp: These are by far the most expensive options, but they are also the most powerful. These apps allow you to edit images, create memes, and create almost any design you can think of. - Canva: An online tool that allows you to create posters, memes, and other types of graphics. Canva is free to use and allows you to choose from a variety of layouts and templates to help get you started. - Meme Generator: This site lets you create memes based on different templates, and it gives you the option to download your image at the end. - Imgy: This site specializes in creating memes from images you upload. Imgy also has an app that allows you to create memes from your phone.

Creating Your Own Meme

Now that you understand the basics of image editing, it’s time to create your own meme. There are several different types of memes, and each has its own set of rules. The following are some of the most popular types of memes. - Text Only: This type of meme only features text. This type of meme is great for playing with a certain phrase or idea. - Image Only: This type of meme only features an image. This type can be great for a visual joke, or it can be used to play off of a popular image or meme. - Image + Text: This type of meme features an image and some accompanying text. This type of meme can either play off of the image or the text, or it can combine the two to make one funny image. - GIF or Video: This type of meme is great for playing off of a certain GIF or video. This type of meme can be funny or it can be used to make a more serious point.

Editing Your Meme

Now that you’ve created your meme, it’s time to edit it. Editing your meme will help it stand out from the rest of the internet and will help you make your point more clearly. Every meme can be edited in a different way, but there are some specific things you should keep in mind when editing your own memes. Keep Your Caption Short: This is the most important thing to remember when editing your own meme. The caption is the most important part of the meme. If your caption is too long, it will be difficult for people to read and understand your joke. Use Consistent Fonts: Depending on the type of meme you are creating, you may need to use a specific font or typeface. The font you use can greatly enhance your meme and make it more effective. Add Graphics: Graphics can help your meme stand out and catch the attention of your audience. They can also be used to add a visual to your joke and help people understand your point.

Sharing Your Meme

Now that you’ve created your meme and edited it, it’s time to share it with the world. There are a few different ways you can share your meme, and each has its own benefits. Online Communities: There are many online communities that are dedicated to sharing memes. These communities are great for sharing your meme with a large audience, and many of them allow you to post your memes for free. Image Sharing Sites: There are many image sharing sites that allow you to post and share your memes. Many of these sites charge a fee for premium features, but there are a few that are free to use. Social Media: Social media is a great way to share your memes and engage with others. You can post your memes on your own social media accounts or you can use them in your Facebook or Twitter posts.


The internet is full of funny and silly images, and you can create and share your own as long as you understand the basics of image editing and know what tools are best for making memes. There are many different types of memes, and each has its own rules for how it should be created and edited. Once you’ve created your own meme, it’s time to share it with the world. There are a variety of ways you can do this, so choose the method that best suits you and your brand and get out there and start making memes!

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