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5 TV and Movie Platforms to Crowdsource and Release Your Film!

HapPhi is an innovative video hosting platform that caters exclusively to content creators. Filmmakers can post their content and let viewers subscribe to it and chat in real time. HapPhi takes a small percentage of the subscription fee in exchange for providing free or paid content to viewers who have subscribed to it. Filmmakers can generate a regular income regardless of how many times their material is viewed by utilising this system. Crowdsourcing is also possible by creating an NFT that users can purchase portions of or sell after the fact. NFTs and tips can also be sold to receive a revenue. Advertising is a critical part of the firm's revenue generation strategy.

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August 15, 2022

The digital age is the perfect time to release your film. With more and more content being released online, viewers are constantly being exposed to new video content. This article covers many platforms that can help you get your film out there and seen by as many people as possible. From YouTube and Vimeo, to IndieGoGo and even Netflix – we’ve broken down the top ways to release your film in this digital era! Whether you have a feature-length documentary, short film or even a music video, there are plenty of ways you can make your movie available to the masses. Read on to discover why you should consider releasing your film online, and the different ways you can do so…

Why release your film online?

For filmmakers, releasing a movie to the theater is a big deal. However, it’s important to realise that not every film is suited to be shown on a big screen. In fact, many people will never have the opportunity to see your movie if you only release it as a cinema release. Online film releases are the perfect way to put your movie out there for everyone to see, regardless of where they live or how much money they have. Unfortunately, the film distribution industry has long been considered to be a bit shady and difficult to navigate. There are a lot of middlemen, and distributors will often take large percentages of your film’s profits. At the same time, the process of selling your film to a distributor can be lengthy and uncertain. That’s where releasing your film online comes in. If you’re aiming to get your film out there as widely as possible, you may want to consider releasing it online.


YouTube is the world’s most popular video platform, with billions of people visiting the site every month to watch videos. It’s also the world’s second largest search engine, so it’s no surprise that many filmmakers are choosing to host their work on YouTube. Moreover, with YouTube Premium now available, you have the potential to earn money with your content as well. If you’re just looking to get your film online, it’s completely free to upload and host your video to the platform. You can even add subtitles to your video, which could help with viewership from non-English speaking countries.


Along with YouTube, Vimeo is one of the most common places for filmmakers to host their work. While it doesn’t have the same amount of traffic as YouTube, Vimeo actually has a larger percentage of its viewer base coming from outside the U.S. Plus, filmmakers who choose to host their work on Vimeo get access to the platform’s creative tools, including its GIF-making tool. Although Vimeo is free to use for hosting your film, there’s also the option to subscribe to Vimeo Pro. This enables you to sell your film directly on the platform, as well as earn some of the money from ads that run before your movie.

Amazon Video

Amazon has built itself into a one-stop shop for all things digital, so it’s no surprise that Amazon Video has become a go-to hosting platform for filmmakers. With Amazon Video, you can release your film directly to Amazon Prime, reaching millions of customers. At the same time, Amazon Video is a self-service platform that allows you to set your own price and release date. So, if you have a film ready to go, you could choose to release it on Amazon Video almost immediately. If you decide to host your film on Amazon Video, you’ll be earning money from two different places. First, your film will be available as a Prime Video rental, which means viewers can watch it for free by renting it. Second, if your film has a rental price above $2.99, then Amazon Video will take a percentage of that rental as profit.


Voodoo is a video hosting and creation platform, aimed at content creators. Voodoo has been designed to offer creators complete control of their content, with no ads and a pretty minimal cost. It’s also the place where content creators can share their work and collaborate with other creators. At the same time, Voodoo also has a Shop, where users can sell their content. This might be documentaries, music videos, or even video games. Voodoo has also built in a payment system that allows creators to set up a tiered payment plan for their content, as well as distribute it through multiple platforms. So, if you want to release your film on Voodoo and also have it available on other platforms like YouTube, this is possible.


HapPhi is an interesting new video hosting platform, aimed specifically at content creators. The platform works by allowing filmmakers to post their content, and then letting viewers subscribe to it, and communicate in real-time. So, if a viewer subscribes to your content, they can either get the content for free or charged on a monthly basis. At the same time, HapPhi takes a small percentage of the subscription fee. The great thing about this system is that it allows filmmakers to build a steady source of income, regardless of the number of views their content receives. Users can crowdsource their projects by creating an NFT and having users buy portions of the project or releasing the content after and selling NFTs and/or receive tips. Advertising is also a key component to the revenue generation revenue.

Crowdfunding platform options

If you’re interested in raising money for your film, crowdfunding platforms are a great way to do it. At the same time, many crowdfunding platforms now allow filmmakers to release their work through the platform. This means that if you raise enough money through your crowdfunding campaign, you can host your film on the platform. At the same time, many platforms will give your film a boost by marketing it to their user base. This can lead to more views and revenue for your film. Some of the most common crowdfunding platforms include IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and Patreon. Each platform has its own unique benefits and rules, so it’s important to do some research to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Netflix and other streaming platforms

Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming platform, hosting millions of titles from all genres. Although it’s not an option for filmmakers to release their content directly on Netflix, it is possible to host your film on other streaming platforms. At the same time, if you can prove that your film is bringing in a lot of views, you may be able to negotiate a deal with Netflix to add it to their platform. This is more common with major feature-length films, but there’s no harm in trying!


Overall, there has never been a better time to release your film. With more people watching content online than ever before, you have an opportunity to reach millions of people with your work. YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Video, Voodoo, Hap Pho, crowdfunding platforms, and other streaming platforms are all great places to host your film. At the same time, you can also release your film directly to your audience through social media. If you want your film to get seen, there are plenty of ways to do so. Now is the perfect time to release your film, so what are you waiting for?

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