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5 Best Alternatives to Mass Texting and Emailing

Digital marketing has grown in popularity as traditional communication methods like email, direct mail, and cold calling have fallen out of favor. New technology has created a plethora of new ways to connect with clients and keep them interested in your enterprise. It can be challenging to pick where to start when developing a new marketing strategy because there are so many alternatives. If you want to reach out to your customers in new ways, here are some ideas.

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June 15, 2022

5 Best Alternatives to Mass Texting and Emailing

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In the digital world, marketers are always looking for new ways to reach their target audience. There’s no getting around the fact that text and email alerts are cheap and effective. However, as we all know, they are also becoming increasingly overused. As a result, businesses have been forced to think of inventive ways to get in touch with their customers without resorting to the same old methods. Many of these marketing tactics were once seen as outdated or exclusive to B2B services; however, recent research has revealed that consumers actually prefer companies that market themselves in more personal ways rather than with mass advertising. If you’re struggling to find new and exciting ways to connect with your audience, here are 5 alternative ideas which will not only help you stand out from the pack but also provide ROI on your marketing investment.

Meeting your customers where they are

One of the best things about being a marketer in the 21st century is the fact that you have an almost infinite number of ways to connect with your customers. This is particularly relevant when it comes to mobile marketing. Those who are on the go are likely to use their smartphone as their primary source of information. Consequently, this means that marketers have the ability to reach them wherever they are, whenever they want, just as long as they have their phone with them. There are many options available when it comes to mobile marketing. For example, you can send out push notifications, take advantage of apps, or even use SMS. SMS is still very popular in a number of regions, and as such, it remains an effective way to reach your customers without interrupting them.

Video marketing

Visual marketing is the new black; it is an essential part of any good marketing strategy. In fact, 92% of consumers watch YouTube videos and 70% of them are more likely to purchase from a brand that they view online. As such, video ma is becoming increasingly popular with brands. There are various ways in which you can create a video marketing campaign. You may want to hire a production company and create a short commercial, or you might prefer to create a series of short videos. Whichever style you decide to go with, you should be sure to include your call to action at the end of the video so that consumers have an easy way to purchase your product or service.

Influencer marketing

Marketers have long realized that they can harness the power of influencers to put their product in front of a wide audience. Influencer marketing is a form of advertising that involves partnering with social media users who have a large following. In exchange for a fee, the influencer will create content that promotes your brand. When it comes to influencer marketing, it pays to be picky. You want to choose an influencer who is relevant to your brand and has a large following. By doing this, you are increasing the chances of your marketing efforts being successful. Make sure that you have a contract in place before you start working with an influencer. This will help protect both you and the influencer by setting expectations and outlining what happens if the contract is terminated early.

Live-Streaming events

Live-streaming is one of the most popular new marketing trends. It’s an excellent way to connect with your audience, whether they’re existing or potential customers. What’s more, businesses can now broadcast their events using a variety of tools for a relatively low cost. If you want to host an event that your customers can view, you should consider live-streaming it. A great example of this is the fashion brand, Burberry. They held a fashion show in which they invited guests from all over the world to attend. However, they also allowed fans to watch the show online. This allowed Burberry to connect with a wide audience and created a buzz around their brand.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR have been around for a while. However, they have only recently been adopted by brands looking to create a digital experience for their customers. With VR and AR, consumers can interact with a brand and virtually experience what it is like to be in their store or try out their product. Nike, for example, has created a VR experience which allows people to participate in an athletic event. This is a great way to market the brand to potential customers and allow them to try out their products. In order to create a VR or AR experience for your customers, you will need to partner with a company that specializes in the technology.


With the rise of digital marketing, many traditional methods of communication such as email, direct mail, and cold calling have fallen out of favor. New technology has created a host of new ways to reach potential customers and keep them engaged with your business. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start when creating a new marketing strategy. If you’re looking for new ways to connect with your customers, these are five excellent options to consider. Meeting your customers where they are, video marketing, influencer marketing, live-streaming events, and virtual reality, or augmented reality can help you put your brand in front of new customers and keep your current customers engaged and excited about your business.

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