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10 Ticketing Alternatives To Ticketmaster You Need To Know About

HapPhi is a platform for ticket sales and guest management for multi-day events. With HapPhi, event organisers can track their guests, sell more tickets, and create a seamless experience for all attendees. The solution was created to assist event organisers in selling more tickets, monitoring their visitors, and giving all visitors a seamless experience. HapPhi can be utilised to power ticket sales for a wide range of events, including music festivals, conferences, and sporting occasions. HapPhi's ticketing service comes with a suite of features that can assist event organisers in selling more tickets, boosting their advertising efforts, and ensuring a better guest experience.

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June 15, 2022

10 Ticketing Alternatives To Ticketmaster You Need To Know About

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The live entertainment industry has seen phenomenal growth over the past decade, with ticketing a key driver of that expansion. In Q3 2017 alone, Ticketmaster facilitated more than $1 billion in sales for the live events industry. Its stranglehold on primary ticketing services is far-reaching and almost unbreakable for smaller venues or promoters looking to launch an event. That’s because few companies are aware of the numerous other ticketing options available outside of Ticketmaster and Live Nation. However, as consumers become increasingly aware of hidden costs associated with using Ticketmaster (e.g., processing fees ranging from $10 - $25 per ticket), more and more businesses are beginning to build their own custom virtual ticketing platforms from scratch, or switch to a third-party service provider instead. If you’re launching a new event and want to avoid being locked into Ticketmaster’s services forever, here are some alternative solutions you might not know about:


Tickettailer is an event ticketing platform that takes away all of the hassle associated with building a custom ticketing solution from scratch. The platform allows promoters to create an event, sell tickets, process payments, and manage guest lists, all through a single integrated digital solution. Tickettailer is predominantly used by small businesses, churches, and other entities looking to host one-off events. Its easy-to-use functionality, low cost, and scalability make it an ideal solution for those organizers who want to focus on hosting their event, not the technical aspects of ticketing. Benefits of using Tickettailer: - Easy set-up: Tickettailer has a simple three-step process for creating an event. Once you sign up, you can log in, choose an event type, and begin designing your tickets. - Low cost: Tickettailer offers a free plan for those who are just testing out the platform. The basic plan starts at $29 per month. This is considerably less expensive than some of the other ticketing services on this list. - Scalable: As your event grows, so does your ticketing needs. Tickettailer offers a high degree of scalability, so you can start off with the basic plan and then upgrade to a premium plan as your needs grow.


Eventbrite is a global ticketing and marketing platform used by organizers to create, promote, and sell out their events. The platform allows event organizers to create an online presence that can be accessed from anywhere, allowing them to promote events and sell tickets to people all over the world. The platform is used by thousands of organizations for events of all kinds, including tech and music festivals, conferences, and sporting events. Ticketing is just one component of Eventbrite’s comprehensive end-to-end marketing platform. The rest of the features in the platform allow event organizers to create a seamless guest experience, from the moment they purchase tickets to attending the event itself. Benefits of using Eventbrite: - Global reach: Eventbrite has a marketing platform that allows event organizers to sell tickets to people all over the world. Its wide reach means you don’t have to limit your event to your local area. - Full-service solution: Eventbrite offers more than just a ticketing solution. The platform is also used to create a web presence, promote the event, and help guests navigate the event.


Vendini is a full-service ticketing and online marketplace solution used by event organizers to sell tickets, manage guest lists, and control access to the event. Vendini provides users with a hosted online marketplace, which means organizers don’t have to worry about setting up a website or dealing with hosting costs. Vendini is often used by organizations such as charities and non-profit groups that don’t have the resources to manage a full-fledged ticketing solution. Vendini is also used by event organizers looking for an affordable, easy-to-use ticketing solution, but who don’t want to build the solution themselves. Vendini is the perfect solution for organizers who want to focus on their event and not the ticketing technology behind it. Benefits of using Vendini: - Affordable: Vendini offers a decent set of features through its mid-level plan, which starts at $29 per month. That’s a fraction of the cost of many other hosted ticketing solutions on the market. - Easy to use: Vendini is a hosted solution. This means you don’t have to worry about setting up the software on your own computer. Vendini also makes it fairly simple to import your guest list from your existing system.


HapPhi is a ticket management and marketing platform designed for multi-day events. HapPhi can be used to sell tickets to an event, manage guest lists, and assign access to different parts of the event. The solution is designed to help event organizers sell more tickets, track their guests, and deliver a seamless experience to all attendees. HapPhi can be used to power ticketing for events of all kinds, including music festivals, conferences, and sporting events. HapPhi’s ticketing solution comes with a robust set of tools designed to help event organizers sell more tickets, improve their marketing efforts, and create a more seamless guest experience. Benefits of using HapPhi: - Full-service solution: HapPhi offers a full-service solution designed to help event organizers sell more tickets, track their guests, and create a seamless guest experience.


Ticketing is a booming industry that has seen a noticeable shift from traditional ticketing providers like Ticketmaster, to a new breed of ticketing services that are more nimble and innovative. These new ticketing providers are digital-first companies that have raised the bar in terms of ease-of-use, functionality, and scalability. They provide modern solutions that can be tailored to the needs of a particular event, are easy to use, and can be integrated with existing systems. While traditional providers such as Ticketmaster have made strides to modernize, they still largely operate in a fashion that is relics of a bygone era. These alternative solutions provide event organizers with the ability to control the guest experience, functionality, and ticketing design, while minimizing the ticketing expense.

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