HapPhi for Standup Comics and Comedians

What is HapPhi for standup comics and comedians?

Standup comics and comedians thrive on data collection, reach and great content. HapPhi provides the central nervous system so the new generation of comedians can reach a larger audience and monetize in a variety of ways.

Why HapPhi for standup comics and comedians?

Comedians need to control their own content, and that doesn't happen on social media. HapPhi puts the power of content and monetization back in the hands of the people who create content.

What is HapPhi for comedians?

Benefits of HapPhi for comics and comedians

Whether you are an established comic or a brand new comedian, HapPhi has a suite of tools designed to add horsepower and efficiency to the online businesses of our funny people.

  • Grow and build your follower list so you can be the next Louis CK.

  • Set up subscription services for exclusive content.
  • Communicate with fans in mass using real-time BCC technology.
  • Circumvent social media giants and protect your livelihood from arbitrary censorship.
  • Become your own streamer and publisher.
  • Use HapPhi Pay for NFT content, accept payments and sell merchandise without chargebacks.

Uses for HapPhi for comics and comedians

  • Send personal updates instead of posts lost in a sea of posts
  • Set up VIP channels for exclusive content and let HapPhi AI organize your life
  • Build your influence, data, and income
  • Set upyour own streaming service
  • No more censors. Stop worry about being deplatformed.
  • Create and sell event tickets.  Earn residual income from clubs and fans.

HapPhi White-Label Let's You Control Your Brand

HapPhi lets you control your brand and your enterprise. Your content is your content...monetize it and share it in ways never before seen!

Use HapPhi to supplement your social media and supercharge your content creation and sharing business.

How to get set up with HapPhi

It’s easy to get started. Here’s how:


Sign up for a free trial with HapPhi

Click on the sign up for free and let the fun begin!


Upload your contacts and data

Dump in all your data and let HapPhi AI get to work organizing your life.


Send invites

Invite your fans to join your HapPhi channels by posting the link or sending. Each person that joins increases your mining rate for HapPhi tokens.


Provide free advertising as a customer benefit

HapPhi has a lot of gamification and features with token mining being one of them.  Get in there and play.


Real-time feedback

Real-time chatmeans you can do group, mass "BCC" type communication or 1:1 chat. All chat is real-time. Get communicating!


Watch SuperSearch and AI manage data

SuperSearch and HapPhi AI will auto organize your life. Supercharge your business with SuperSearch.

Helpful resources for HapPhi services:

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Create and store and share organized content

Avoid all email and SMS compliance

Engage at higher levels

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Benefits of HapPhi for content creators and influencers

ThMake everything easier and more profitable while providing your followers and
subscribers a full suite of benefits.

  • Grow your following exponentially.

  • Offer benefits to fans and followers.
  • Directly share of real-time content.
  • Avoid all spam filters and censors.
  • Grow multiple streams of income.
  • Use HapPhi NFT Content to build an empire!